Support Indigenous Peoples' Day

Sunday, October 8, 2017
6:00pm | Free Speech Wall

Join local Native people and supporters at the Free Speech Wall here in Charlottesville to hold a press conference about Indigenous Peoples' Day and talk about why it matters.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday celebrated in many U.S. cities to honor and acknowledge the past and continuous presence of Native people in the Americas. It began before 1992 as a protest of Columbus Day, with Native groups contending that Columbus did not “discover” them—they were already here—and that the actions of Columbus and his men were less than heroic toward their ancestors. Some states, such as California and Tennessee, celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day on different dates, but many have chosen the second Monday in October. At least fifty cities and municipalities have also chosen to proclaim this day. The first official observance in Charlottesville will be next Monday, October 9, 2017